WordPress VS Blogger – Which One is Best For You

If you are new and cannot know about WordPress and Blogger and want to know about these, so read this article. After read this article I hope you can decide which is better for you WordPress or Blogger.

Please Note: This is my opinion and this not hundred percent right if you need more information so you can search on internet for more information and better understand.

So first I tell you about Blogger. Blogger is a free service which provides you Google. Google is best and trusted company, that’s why you can trust on blogger. But Google give you this service free that’s why Google close/delete your blogger website any time and sometime Google close/delete your Blogger website without any reason and that’s why i think blogger is not best for long work. Blogger is free and that’s why mostly blogger themes are free and that are not professional, that’s why if you want to make a professional website so on blogger this is very difficult. But if you are new so you can start your work on blogger and when you feel now you need to upgrade your work to high level so you can transfer your website from blogger to WordPress. Blogger is Google product so blogger security is very high. If you use blogger so you no need to worry about security.

Now I tell you about WordPress. WordPress is a best and famous CMS (Content Management System) and also you can start work on WordPress free. But if you start work on WordPress free so WordPress give you limited features and if you start work after pay so WordPress give you all features. WordPress is a premium service that’s why WordPress do not close/delete your website you no need to worry about close/delete your WordPress website. If you want to start professional work so WordPress is best because many WordPress premium themes available which is best and professional and these themes help you make your website professional. In WordPress a best option is plugins, plugins help you and make your work easy and if you have new so with the help of plugins you can work easily and many premium plugins available on internet. I recommended you if you want to start work like a professional so you start work on WordPress and if you have no money then you can start work on blogger but when you afford WordPress expenses then compulsory you transfer your website from blogger to WordPress. If you want to start work on WordPress so you need some best plugins which help you to make your website secure. Because in WordPress if you not care security so hackers easily hack your website and this can become a problem for you. That’s why in WordPress you need best security features which help you to make your website secure.

In this article I tell you some difference in WordPress and Blogger. This is your choice which one you like and this is also depending on your budget. If you want to learn more about WordPress and blogger so you can search on internet and read more about these and if you have any question about this article so you can comment below article of contact us feel free and don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members.