Monday , March / 27 / 2023

How To White & Clean Your Face Naturally Without Any Cream

If you want to make your face white and clean naturally and without use of any cream or any unnatural products so read this article. In this article i tell you some natural things benefits, tips and information and tell you how you can make your face white and clean with help of these natural things.

First I tell you why your face do not live clean and white and why you need this natural tip and information. When you go to any other place from your home or when you go school, college or university or any other place so you go with help of bike or any other thing or go walk, so when other bikes and cars run near from you from these cars and bikes away roads dust and this dusk make your face unclean, so that’s why you need to make to clean your face. I mean you wash your face many time in a day and the reason is your face not clean because you go from home to any other place and roads dust make your face unclean. Hope you understand why you face cannot live white and clean.

So if you want to make your face white and clean so you need this natural things information, in this things which I tell you and which help to make your face white and clean in these natural things have yogurt and potatoes. With help of yogurt and potatoes you can clean your face and white. Now I tell you how you can use yogurt and potatoes and how this things help you make your face clean and white. You can use this method in morning, I mean if you want to use this tip so you can do this in morning after away from bed or after your sleeping.

First you need some potatoes, you can use two or three potatoes in this method and now you need to do these potatoes cut in little pieces. When you cut these potatoes in little pieces so after that add some water in these potatoes and give them five to six hours you can do this work when you go to sleep I mean you can do this in night before sleep. Because you need this potatoes water in morning.

When you away from bed in morning, wash your mouth with clean water and then you need some yogurt you can use one hundred to two hundred grams yogurt and after that you need to lape this yogurt on your face. When you lape this yogurt on your face so you need minimum fifteen minutes rest and in these fifteen minutes do not clean this yogurt from your face.

After fifteen minutes clean this yogurt from your face and now you need this potatoes water which you become in night and wash your face with this potatoes water and after that wash your face with clean water. You need to do this work in seven to ten days and after that you can feel your face white and clean. If this method do not work on your face so you can do more five to ten days and I of course this method work for you and your face make clean and white with this natural tip / method.

Hope you like this tip / information and this natural method. If this method do not work on your face after twenty days so you can find and use any other method / tip but please use natural method because face is very important part of our body and before use anything on it deeply search on this and when you hundred percent satisfy after that use this thing / method on your face.


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