How To Setup New WordPress Website (Step By Step Guide)

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If you are new and start a new website on WordPress so this article helps you to setup your new WordPress website. In this article i tell you some settings of your new WordPress Website.

So for setup new WordPress Website please follow these steps.

  • When you install WordPress on your website so open your WordPress website dashboard.
  • After open your WordPress Website dashboard first click on posts, here you see some posts delete these posts because I don’t think these posts is helpful for you or if you think these posts is helpful for you so you don’t need to delete these posts. After that click on categories, here you see a category this is default category you cannot delete this category you can only edit this category and change name and address of this category.
  • After that click on pages, here if you see any page so if you think this is helpful for you so you don’t delete this page and if you think this is not helpful for you so you can delete this page or pages.
  • When you check pages, after that click on comments, if here you can found any comment so delete this comment because this comment is by default.
  • After that click on Appearance, first option in appearance is Themes, here you can change your website theme, next option is customize and here you can customize your theme. Next option is widgets and here you can set widgets that show on your website. After that if you show install plugins option so you can check this option and if you have not shown this option so you can skip this step.
  • After that click on next option which is plugins. Here you see already some plugins you can check these plugins if you like any plugin from these so you no need to delete this plugin and which plugins you do not like you can delete those plugins. After that click on next option Users, here you can add new user in your website and if you want to change anything in your profile so you need to click on Your Profile option. When you click Your Profile option, so here you see many options. If you want show tool bar when you visit your website, so click on show toolbar when viewing site and if you want do not show tool bar when you visit your website so do not click on show toolbar when viewing site. Also here you can change your first, last, nick and display name. Here you can add your social media networks URLs and if you want so you can change your password from here.
  • When you check all these options so click next option tools, in tools option you see some other options for example import & export options. Here you can import and export your WordPress website. After that click settings option, when you click settings option, first open general. Here you can change WordPress address, website address, email address, website language, time zone, date format, time format and week starts on. When you check these options so click next option which is Writing, you can check this writing option and after that click on Reading. Here you can set static page for you website home page, how many posts show on one page and if you want so from here you can discourage search engine from indexing your website. After that open next option Discussion. Here you can settings of your website comments and next option is Media. Here you can settings of your website media and next option is permalinks. This is very important option, here you can set permalink of you website. I mean here you can set how permalinks show in address bar and next option is privacy. This option is new in WordPress you can check this option.

This is your WordPress website settings and that is not full settings. This is just some settings i think. Many other important and best settings have in WordPress, you can check these settings and search on internet about these settings. I just tell you some important changes which are I think required when you install new WordPress on your website.

Hope you like this article and if you like this article so don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family members and if you have any question about this article so you can comment below article or contact us.

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