How To Settings of Sahifa Responsive WordPress Theme

If you want to setting of Sahifa Theme, so this article is prove helpful for you. In this article i tell you how you can setting of Sahifa Theme. So for setting of Sahifa Theme please follow these steps.

  • When you activate Sahifa theme in your WordPress website, so in options you see a Sahifa option. Click on this option. When you click on this option, Sahifa theme settings page open. Here you see many options. In Sahifa theme settings options first option is General Settings, here you can select and set Theme Layout, time format, light box settings, breadcrumbs settings and if you want to add any codes in header or footer, so you can paste these codes here. In header box you can paste header codes and in footer box you can paste footer codes.
  • After that click on next option, which is Header Settings, here you can select and set Logo, Header Top Area Settings, Main Nav Settings, Responsive Mobile Menu Settings and Breaking News. And next option is Archives Settings. In archives settings you can select and set General Settings, Default Layout Settings, Category Page Settings, tag Page Settings, Author Page Settings and Search Page Settings.
  • Next option is Posts Settings. In posts settings you can select and set posts Settings, Post Meta Settings, Share Post Settings, Related Posts Settings, Fly Check Also Settings and jQuery Comments Settings. Next option is Sidebars, in Sidebars you can select and set Default Sidebar Position, Sticky Sidebars, Add Sidebar and Custom Sidebars. In options next option is Footer Settings. In Footer Settings you can select and set Footer Elements, Footer Widgets, Footer Text One and Footer Text Two.
  • After that the next option is Ads Settings. In Ads Settings you can select and set, background Image Ads, Top banner Area, bottom banner Area, Below Header banner Area, Above Article banner Area, Below Article banner Area and Shortcode Ads. Next option is Styling. In Styling you can select and set Theme Color And Settings, Background Types, Choose Pattern, Body Styling, Top Navigation Styling, header Background, main Navigation Styling, Breaking News Styling, Content Styling, Post Styling, Footer Background and if you want to add any custom CSS codes. So you can paste these codes in Custom CSS Boxes. Next Option is Typography. In Typography you can select and set Character Sets, Live Typography Preview and Main Typography.
  • Next option is Translations. In Translations you select and set Not Found, Search, Archives, Comments, Posts, Widgets and Misc. Next option is Social Networking. In Social Networking you can select and set Custom Feed URL, Social Networking and Custom Social Network 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. Next option is Advanced. In Advanced you can select and set Advanced Settings, WordPress Login Page Logo, Export and Import. Next option is rate Sahifa and last option is More Themes. You can check these options.

Hope you like this article and if you want to learn more about Sahifa Theme Settings so you can search on internet and if you have any question about this article so you can write comment below article or you can feel free to contact us and please don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


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