How To Open Facebook Blocked or Disabled Account

Facebook add new security features day by day for make their platform safe for users and this is a good thing. But sometimes Facebook security system blocked or disables those accounts which are real and do not broke and Facebook term and condition. So in this article I tell you if your real Facebook account blocked or disable so how you can recover this account.

Please Note: If your account real then maximum chances are to recover your Facebook account but sometimes Facebook do not recover for some reasons. So if your account does not recover via these methods which I tell you so you can search on internet for more methods and if your Facebook account is not real then perhaps these methods not help you.

First i tell you why any Facebook user account blocked or disable. Sometimes Facebook detect some wrong activity in your account. For example, if you open your account on which device where you cannot open your account before so sometimes Facebook security system lock your account for security reasons and sometimes you post links that blocked from Facebook and sometimes you cross the limit of Facebook. I mean if Facebook limit of join groups in one day fifty and you join hundred groups in one day and if Facebook page like limit hundred pages one day and you like two hundred pages so you broke Facebook rules and can many other reasons to block or disable your Facebook.

Facebook blocked account from many types, one is blocked your account and you need to verify your friends. In this block you need to verify your five friends and you select your five friends correct so your Facebook account unblock and if you do not select correct friends so Facebook give you other option that is Send you National ID card or Passport to Facebook and after check your National ID card or Passport Facebook team relies you are a real person so Facebook unblock your account. Other block is verify your photo, in this block you need to send a unique photo to Facebook and please remember you send your unique and new photo to Facebook because if you send wrong photo and if Facebook team relies you are a fake person so Facebook team disable your account.

Sometime Facebook security block your account for reason of suspicious activity and in this block first you need to verify your friends and if you not verify your friends so after few days Facebook give you verify your date of birth option. In this block you just need to verify your date of birth and your Facebook account unblock but in very rare blocked you see this easy option.

Sometimes Facebook directly disable your account. This can do very rare Facebook directly disable any person account. But if for any reason your account disable directly so you need to upload your National ID card or passport scan copy and you can upload many other things. For now about these things you can search on internet.

This is some methods of unblock your Facebook account and you want to know about more methods so you can search on internet and read information about more methods of unblock Facebook block or disable account. If you like this article so please share this article with your family members and friends and if you have any question so you can contact us feel free or you can comment below article.


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