How To Install Google Chrome on Computer or Laptop

If you use internet and need a best web browser, so I recommend you Google Chrome. Google Chrome is a best web browser. Many other web browsers available on internet and some web browsers are good but and these web browsers speed is good but Google Chrome speed is best and if you have not high computer or laptop so also then Google Chrome almost work fine on your computer / laptop. In this article I tell you how you can install Google chrome on your computer or laptop and tell you some settings of Google Chrome.

How To Download And Install Google Chrome

If you want to download and install Google Chrome in your computer or laptop so please follow these steps.

  • Open any browser which is in your computer / laptop or open window default browser. After that open Google on your browser and write Google Chrome in search box and type enter.
  • After that open first link, when you open this link you see a blue Download Chrome button click on this button.
  • When you click on this button you see a page where you see accept and install button, click on that button. When you click on that button Google Chrome download start.
  • After sometime Google Chrome setup file download. Open this folder where Google Chrome setup file download and open this file. When you open this file Google Chrome download and install start, after sometime Google Chrome install in your computer / laptop.

In this way you can download and install Google Chrome in your laptop or computer.

Google Chrome Settings

I tell you some settings of Google Chrome, please follow these steps.

  • If you want to set your home page. Home page mean when you Google Chrome so which page or website you want to see or which page or website open after open Google chrome this is Google Chrome Home page. So for set home page open settings, you can open settings via click on three dots, you can see these dots right up side. After open settings, open a new page where you can see many options. For change home page scroll down this page and in last you see On Startup option, here you can set your home page. You can read these options and set your home page which you like.
  • If you want to save / bookmark any website so you can save / bookmark this website from click on start. You can see this star in last of Google Chrome address bar.
  • If you can download anything in Google chrome and want to see this Download, so click on three dots, which you can use for home page settings, after click on these dots on 5th number you can see download option. Click on this option for see your download.
  • If you want to remove your Google Chrome web browser history, so click again on three dots. On forth number you can see history option, when you go on this option, so open new options, in these you need to click first option which is History and if you want so you can use short key CTRL+H for open history. When history page open so for clear history, click on clear browsing data, you can see this option in left side. When you click on clear browsing data so a new page option. Here you can delete your basic or advanced history and delete history Last hour to all time.

Hope this article prove helpful for you and If you want to know more about Google Chrome so you can search on internet and read more information about Google Chrome and if you like this article so please don’t forget to share this article with your family members and friends and if you have any question about this article so write comment below article or contact us feel free.


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