Body Pain And Weakness Reasons & Treatment

If you feel pain in your body and sometimes or every time and you become weak day by day, so read this article I tell some info and tips and about body pain and weakness. If you follow these tips and info so I hope your body pain and weakness almost over and you feel better and happy.

First I tell you why you feel body pain, reasons of body pain are many but I tell you some in this article. If you live in stress so this stress become the reason of your body pain and weakness. Second reason is lack of sleep if you do not sleep on time and do not give time to your sleep so this becomes the reason of your weakness. If you do not eat food on time, I mean if you eat lunch ever 1PM and ever 4PM and dinner ever 8PM and ever 11PM so this is another reason of your weakness. So sleep on time and eat on time is best for your heath and reduce / stop your body pain weakness and make your healthy.

If you have any disease so treatment of this disease as soon as possible and avoid to eat these foods which make the reason this disease or which improve of this disease. Eat vegetables and fruits regularly and in winter drink banana or carrot juice and in summer drink mango or sugar cane juice. Sugar cane juice is very best for your body and this help to reduce your body pain. If you are working in any office and you need to sit on a chair many hours so give some rest yourself every two to three hours later, I mean work two to three hours and then ten to fifteen minute walk on foot. In this way you feet relax and happy.

If you feel most pain on your body and weakness so I suggest you test your blood and check you do not have any disease, because sometimes diseases do not show soon but these disease symptoms shows like weakness or pain in all body or in some body parts. Hope you understand the reasons of body pain and weakness and if you follow these reasons so I hope you cannot face problem, pain and weakness.

Now I tell you some treatment of your body pain and weakness. Exercise is a best way of reduce your body pain, if you go for exercise daily and regularly so I hope your body pain reduce and over as soon as possible and if you have time so play any cricket one or two hours every day. When you play any game one to two hours every day so in this way you become fit and healthy. Join Jim club and go to Jim club one to two times every day and when you feel your body pain reduce so if you want so you can over to go for Jim club but give some time to exercise and any one game compulsory.

Many other treatment have to reduce / stop your weakness and make you healthy and prevent your body pain, you can search and find these treatment and read them and apply these treatments but if you feel any treatment is not good so I do not suggest you for apply this treatment. Only apply these treatments which you like and on which you satisfy otherwise you don’t need to apply or try any treatment. Hope you like this article and don’t forget to share this with friends, thanks and for more information and tips about health you can read more articles on our website.