Best Internet And Website Speed Test Tools in 2020

If you want to know about speed test tools which help to test your website or internet so read this article, in this article I tell you some tools and with help of these tools / websites you can test your internet and your website speed. I mean if you have any website and you want to test this website speed so after read this article you can test your website speed.

How To Test Internet Speed

If you want to test your internet speed, so many tools and websites available on internet and in this article I tell you about some websites and tools that can help you test your internet speed. First I tell you why you need to test you internet speed. Sometimes your internet downloading or uploading or both speeds down and you don’t which speed are low and when you don’t know which speed are low so you do not solve problem, so this time you need internet speed test tools / website.

Sometimes you face problem from your internet providers via any reasons and sometime without any reason so with help of speed test websites / tools you can detect speed and then you can contact your internet provider and tell them your internet speed low. I mean if you use four MB internet and if you face slow internet problem and you test your internet speed so where show 2 MB speed so you easily tell your internet provider about speed and then internet provider easily solve your issue because you and they know problem.

In the say way many problems become in internet and speed tools / websites help you find problems and sometime these cannot help you, in this situation you can use any other method for detect problem. Hope you understand why you need internet speed test websites and tools and how these features help you for detect issues and problems. Now I tell you some tools and websites of internet speed test. First and very famous website is This is very popular site and this site use perhaps Ookla tool for test speed.

If you want to test your internet speed so I suggest you use this website for test your internet speed. You can use this company App. This company gives your many facilities, you can visit and see features and facilities and I hope you like this company facilities and features. is another speed test website and is one another speed test website but I suggest you use because this is best and I thing mostly people use this website for test their internet speed.

How To Test Website Speed

If you have a website and you want to test your website speed so now I tell you some sites with help of these sites you can test your website speed. Speed is very important for any website. If your site speed is fast so visitors / users like your website and your website rank in Google fast. Because if your website don’t load fast so users cannot spend more time on your website and second time visitors don’t open your website so this is a signal to Google, people do not like your website so much, so Google ranking down of your website.

Many other things matter in ranking but in this article I talk about speed, so you want to know speed of your website so Google give you a feature / facility, with help of this you can check your website speed and this facility / feature name is PageSpeed Insights. With help of PageSpeed Insights you can test your website speed and if you want to use any other website / method for test your site speed, so is a best website for speed test of any site.

Which method / website you like you can use this and if you want so you can use both websites / methods, choice is yours. Hope you like this article and learn some new information and tips about internet and website speed test and know how you can do this and if you want to know more about this so you can search and find more information related to speed test of internet and websites, please share this article, Thanks.