Best And Famous Social Media Networks in 2021

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Social Media Networks Grow up day by day because internet users grow up very fast and I think perhaps that’s why social media network users grow up very fast. In this article i tell you some best and top social media networks and tell some information about these social media networks. I write this article in August 2019 and i write information of social media networks which is in August 2019 and if you read this article one year or two years later so perhaps this information change. So if you read this article after one or two years later so i suggest you for better information you can search on internet and if you want so you can read this article. Perhaps this information is not hundred percent right if by mistake I write some wrong information in this article so I am really sorry for that, this is for your information and you can search on internet for more and hundred percent accurate information.

1 – YouTube

YouTube is a videos website and this is a best, fast and number one videos website. You can search on YouTube almost every type videos. On YouTube you can search learning any Skills, Fun, Entertainment and many other type videos. YouTube is the second highest website of the World. YouTube is the earning source of many people. People earn thousands of dollars monthly from YouTube. Millions of people use YouTube daily and also YouTube app available on Play Store and more than one billion people download and use this app. This is your choice you want to use YouTube for learn skills or for entertainment. On YouTube you can make channel and upload your videos on your channel and if you want so you can make this channel of your income source.

2 – Facebook

Facebook is another best social media network. Facebook is the third highest website in the World. Facebook is not only for videos, on Facebook you can upload photos. You can use Facebook for make friends and on Facebook you can chat, audio and videos calls and share data with your friends. On Facebook you can create groups and add your friends in this group. On Facebook you can make three types of groups (Public, Close and private). Every group have their rules and also on Facebook you can make pages. Some years ago Facebook launch videos ads like YouTube and many people earn money from video ads. In this method ads show on your Facebook videos and when people watch these videos so like YouTube in between videos show ads. But on Facebook this feature is not so old, that’s why mostly people not earn money via this method. But i hope this method famous and give best service soon and people earn thousands of dollars monthly from this method.

3 – Twitter

Twitter is a good social media network and many people use Twitter. Twitter is the 20th highest website in the world. On Twitter you can follow those people, which you like.

Hope you like this article and read some new information about social media networks. If you want to know more about these social media networks and if you want to know about more social media networks so you can search on internet and if you have any question about this article so feel free to contact us or write comment below article and don’t forget to share this article with your family members and friends.

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