Best Ads Network For Monetize Your Website

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If you want to start a website/blog, so need best advertising companies who give you many types of ads and very good money. In this article i tell you about some best ads network, from which you can earn thousands of dollars monthly.

1 – Google AdSense

Google AdSense is best ad network and No.1 in all advertising companies. AdSense is Google product. Google AdSense gives you very good revenue but AdSense terms and conditions and privacy policy is very strict. If you want to start work with AdSense so first you need to make website or blog which qualify AdSense terms and conditions. After that you can make money from it. I think Google AdSense give you 72 percent revenue on websites. This mean if Google AdSense earn 100 dollar via your website ads, so AdSense give you 72 dollar from these 100 dollars and remaining 28 dollar is Google AdSense commission. If you make a good website/blog and if your website/blog visitors are 5 thousands to 10 thousands, so you can earn perhaps 20 to 40 dollars daily and this is good income for starter. In Google AdSense you can set many types of ads which show on computers, laptops, tablets and mobiles clearly and also in Google AdSense you can set responsive ads.

2 – Media.Net

Media.Net is another best ad network on internet and Media.Net is Yahoo product. Media.Net is best alternative of Google AdSense and Media.Net revenue is all most same as Google AdSense and also Media.Net terms and conditions are strict and they cannot approve website easily. That’s why if you want to approve Media.Net on your Website/Blog, so you need to make a good website/blog. After that Media.Net approves your website/blog for showing ads and after that you can earn money from Media.Net.

3 – Infolinks

Infolinks is good ad network and also good Google AdSense alternative. Infolinks revenue is not same to Google AdSense and Media.Net. Infolinks revenue is low from both these companies but a good point in Infolinks is, Infolinks terms and conditions are not so strict. This mean if your website not approve From Google AdSense or Media.Net, so you can apply for Infolinks and Strongly chances Infolinks approve your website for showing Infolinks ads. Infolinks rules and terms / conditions are not so strict that’s why if you break some rules so your Infolinks account not close or ban.

4 – BuySellAds

BuySellAds is a best ad network but this adverting network is different from other ad networks. In other ads Networks on your website show different types of ads but in BuySellAds on your website show same ads. In this network advertiser fix an ad on your website for some days or 1 month. This mean you select a space on your website for showing ads and advertiser check this space and if any advertiser like this space for showing ads so this advertiser ad show on your website on where there you give ad space on your website.

5 – Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is good ad network. This ad network is like Infolinks and also this adverting network terms and conditions are not strict. Your website easily approve in this network. This ad network rates are low from Google AdSense and Media.Net but approx. Bidvertiser and infolinks rates are same. So if your website not approve in Google AdSense and Media.Net so you can check this ad network because in this network your website approve easily.

Hope this article is helpful for you and you lean something about Ad networks from this article. If you like this article so please share with your friends and if you have any question so comment below article or contact us.

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