Advantages And Disadvantages of Using Internet

In this article I tell you some advantages and disadvantages of using internet and tell you how you can get benefit from internet and how make your life better and if you want so can get many facilities from internet and make money via internet.

Advantages of Internet

If you use internet so you can find new ideas and information and know about the entire world. Now day’s internet become very famous and almost every person use internet and get benefit from internet. If you are a doctor so you can make you website and give your time table on website and in this way if anyone meet with you so this person see your time table from your website and in this way your business increase. If you make videos and want other people see your videos so you can publish your videos on YouTube, Facebook or TikTok etc. free and in this way other people see your videos and you become famous.

If you want to learn some software’s like Adobe Photoshop or video editor so you can easily find videos and article and with help of these you can learn these software / skills easily and at home and you do not need to go on any institute. Internet makes your life easy, for example if you want to talk with your any friend so you can easily contact with your friend via WhatsApp, Facebook or Gmail.

Many people work on internet and make thousands of dollars monthly via different works. If you want to make money via videos so you can make videos and upload these videos on YouTube and monetize your videos and make money via these videos and same way if you like write articles so you can make website / blog and post articles and give ads on your blog / website and earn money from via these ads.

If you have any skills like graphic designing, web development or video editing so you can give services to other peoples and earn money from your services. You can earn on internet via many other methods, choice is yours which method you like and from which method you want to earn from internet. If you like selling so you can sell products on internet and for this you don’t need any shop. Just make a website and give products information on your website and if you do not want to make website so you can sell via social media networks.

You can order many things online, I mean if you need a shoes so you can order online and buy shoes and you do not need to go any shop for buy shoes. If you like reading news or books so you can read on internet. You can make new friends on internet from all worlds and for this you do not need to go any other country you just need internet and you connect with your friends at home. These are some advantages of internet, many other advantages of internet available you can search and find other advantages.

Disadvantages of internet

If you use internet just for time pass like open Facebook and give two or three hours and do not receive any benefit from these two or three hours. Watch these videos or read these articles, news which is useless and do not give you any benefit. Make fake websites and try to fraud with other peoples and waste other person’s rare time.

These are some disadvantages of internet. For more advantages and disadvantages of using internet you can search and find, if you have any question about this article and you want to ask any question about advantages or disadvantages of internet so you can write comment below article.