5 Things You Should Do When Start A WordPress Website

If you want to start a new WordPress website so read this article, this article proves helpful for you if you want to start a new site. In this article I share with you some unique and helpful tips and information and if you follow this info so hope you cannot face any problem in future.

Get All The Passwords

First thing which is important that are passwords of your accounts which link to your website and you do this carefully. Try to use different and strong passwords because if you use one or two and easy passwords so your security break easily. I mean when you set password for FTP, database and hosting etc. so carefully and use different passwords.

When you set passwords for your accounts so don’t forget to write these passwords in any notebook and save place because sometimes people forget passwords and if you run more than one websites so remember all passwords is not easy. Use personal email address for your site because email is very important and if you lost your email and if anyone access your email so that person perhaps access your website backend easily.

Setup An Automated Backup Solution

If you do not become backup your website so that is very risky because if from any reason your website break so you cannot do anything because you have not any backup and in this way you lost your rare time and hard work. That’s why backup is very important for any website.

If you can afford so buy premium service for backup your website. If you buy premium service so in this you get many benefits and if you want to use free service so you can use free services but in free services you receive limited options and facilities. If possible so setup an automated backup for your website, you can set weekly or monthly backup. In this way if you can’t remember to save backup so your backup save automatically and if your website break so you can easily setup your website again with help of backup.

Setup User Roles And Permissions

If you start a big website and you want to add multiple people in your WordPress website so carefully set roles and give permissions, because if you do wrong permissions or role so perhaps people misuse your website.

In different roles have different permissions, you can find roles and permissions information and after that set roles for your users. For example if you want to hire a writer who write posts for you so you can give author permission to this person who write posts for you, same way you can give different permissions depending on their works.

Setup Security Features

Don’t forget to setup security features for your website, hosting and domain. Because if you cannot do this so you always on risk, if in your hosting have two factor authentication option so I suggest you enable this option, because this is a best and unique security option and with help of this you can become your data secure and save.

Always scan your website weekly or monthly, because some people attach on your website and sometimes these peoples add malware in your website and if you do not scan your website so perhaps you face problem in future.

If you can afford so I suggest you buy premium security features. Mostly hosting companies give security features and if you buy these features and facilities so your site become more secure and then if anyone try to break your site security so they cannot do this easily.

Review Plugins And Upgrade Hosting

Before install and activate any plugin, carefully check this plugin rating, reviews and update date and if you feel this plugin which you want to activate is not save for your website so don’t install and activate this plugin. If this plugin is important for your website so first deeply search about this plugin and if others reviews are good about this plugin so after that install and activate this plugin.

When your website become famous and you get high volume of traffic on your site so upgrade your hosting because if you do not upgrade your hosting so perhaps your website speed and performance down and in this way you lose your traffic because if you cannot upgrade hosting so when your website goes down so people do not access your site and in this way you lose visitors.

Hope you like this article and if anyone from your friends or family wants to start new WordPress website so do not forget to share with this article.